Lectures For Lifelong Learners!


Dan Hudak

Barbara Chase

-Barbara Chase, Speaker Chair, Boca Raton Resort

Daniel Cohen
Kudos and many thanks for giving Palm Isles a special enjoyable TV presentation of “Great Movie Monologues!! A treat and fabulous show indeed!!

A most interesting and exciting production of known unique movie monologues– An enjoyable hour not to be forgotten! I especially appreciated Gregory Peck in his Jury summation dialogue – and who can forget Chaplin’s first speaking movie “the great dictator”? Charlie’s words resonate equally well these days!!

I look forward to more exciting movies and shows from Dan Hudak – a truly gifted, special and wonderful director. Thank you all again for this fabulous entertainment!

-Daniel Cohen, Palm Isles

Pamela Parker
Please accept this letter as my strong recommendation for Film Critic and Lecturer Dan Hudak’s program. As an Entertainment Director for a sometimes demanding and always discerning group, I am constantly looking for creative and entertaining ways to add to my program. As we have a “movie crowd”, Dan was the perfect choice to fit the bill! His lectures are entertaining and interesting, touching on a topic that appeals to all age groups…the movies! He is personable and knowledgeable and an evening spent with Dan is one where you walk away wanting to know more about the subject of the night. My residents are always happy when Dan visits and the theatre is usually full of film lovers excited to hear his topic for the evening. If you are looking for a fresh and engaging evening for your group, look no further. Call Dan Hudak!

-Pamela Parker, Social Director, The Palace Coral Gables

Rhoda Brenner
Dan’s presentation on the Oscar nominees was very well received by our community. He was interesting, so knowledgeable, professional, and downright charming and warm. He maintained the audience’s rapt attention throughout his performance while smoothly synchronizing his video examples with his talk. We look forward to having Dan return to Valencia Lakes in the future.

-Rhoda Brenner, Chair of the Speaker Committee, Valencia Lakes

Christine and Wlad Petruniw
Just want to give a great big shout out to Dan Hudak who gave a very interesting talk on famous movie quotes tonight at the Pearl. He is very knowledgeable and the audience learned a great deal from him. He knows so much movie trivia and he was so fascinating to listen to!

Hope he gives many more lectures here at the Pearl!!

-Christine and Wlad Petruniw

Meghan Stricker

Standing ovation!!!! Thank you!!!

I cannot begin to tell you the happiness you brought to Eastpointe last night, I received numerous phone calls and had countless visitors today just to tell me how fantastic, professional, knowledgeable, and engaging you were! They were blown away!

So thank you!!!

We will be bringing you back soon!

Meghan Stricker

Director of Catering and Events | Eastpointe Country Club
Marshall Cohen
I have had the great pleasure of attending a series of lectures on American films recently delivered at Amaran Senior Living in Albuquerque by Dan Hudak. These talks concerning many of the greatest achievements of American cinema were enthusiastically presented by Mr. Hudak with depth, lucidity and personal charm. I highly recommend him to any community looking for a terrific presentation on classic films!

Marshall Cohen

co-author with Leo Braudy of Film Theory and Criticism (8th edition) and University Professor Emeritus and Dean Emeritus of the College of letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Southern California

Sharon Harris

Marc W.

...We attended two lectures, one on The Godfather and the other on Casablanca. To say that the lectures and the lecturer, Sharon Harris-Zlotnick, were excellent would be a gross understatement. She was witty, well prepared, had great slides and clips, and was extremely knowledgeable. The audiences loved her presentations...

--Marc W., Margate NJ and Palm Beach Gardens

Maxine S.

Everyone loved your Casablanca presentation. Only hearing rave reviews. Thank you for your part in making our Membership Luncheon such a huge success. 

--Maxine S., Immediate President of Cascades Hadassah, Boynton Beach

Marcia K.

I have been surveying some of my club members regarding your wonderful Hollywood Moguls presentation. You have a wealth of knowledge on the subject and they were amazed that you could recall it without looking at your notes.

--Marcia K., Ponte Vecchio West, Boynton Beach

Esther S.

I really enjoyed your class yesterday. As always, it was interesting and well presented. Many in the audience had the same opinion.

--Esther S., Co-president of Friends of Encore Learning (FELS) at Stockton, Atlantic City

Jane B.

We enjoyed your presentation, which offered surprising information, on the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). The audience was engrossed in your explanation and your lecture beautifully helped us understand the real history. Everyone learned much from your power point presentation of articles, photos and videos.

--Jane B., Co-VP of Adult Education Programming, Temple Sinai of Delray Beach


Thank you so much for your course at FELS! And especially for giving us an extra session! All of us are amazed by your wealth of knowledge about the actors, producers, and the film industry. I can’t believe that you can remember the names of so many characters and so many plots. But you also analyze the trends, the politics, and the historical significance of this art.

-Jeannette, Stockton University Adult Enrichment Program


Thank you, Sharon. Your class was wonderful. Lots of interesting and fun information. I find myself sharing some of the stories with friends and family. Who knew Hitler was infatuated with Clark Gable? Loved the room, and parking was a breeze. As always, I am so impressed with your preparation and delivery. Thanks so much for sharing your passion with us.

-Susan, Stockton University Adult Enrichment Program

Thank you dear Sharon, for your dedication in making “Horray for Hollywood “ such a fun and informative class. See you soon.

-❤🤗. Arlene, Stockton University Adult Enrichment Program

Alex Bruner

Alex Bruner's presentation — From George Washington to Gaza: The Ups and Downs of the American-Israeli Relationship — was very informative. His use of powerpoint made the presentation easier to understand and brought the information to light. His knowledge of the subject was extensive and personal. We look forward to having him back next year.

-Nan Schwartz, Brandeis Trails of Delray Beach

Thank you for such a thoughtful, informative and personal presentation of your uncle’s book. Your visual and auditory inclusions are wonderful enhancements. We very much appreciate the time you spent with us.

-Jane Rothman, Temple Beth El, City Island

Bob Ross

Melissa Krysh
The Hudak on Hollywood Film Series has been a wonderful addition to our Watermark University program. Presenter Bob Ross delivers the various monthly film topics in an energetic, clear and engaging manor that keeps those in attendance enthralled from start to finish. We’ve truly enjoyed having this monthly course since this past Fall and have learned more about the film industry, especially of early years, than we could have expected.

-Melissa Krysh, Community Life Director, The Fountains at Boca Ciega Bay

Andrew Meacham

Judy Lisi
Andrew Meachem is a clear and accessible speaker who is well-versed in the performing arts including Broadway, opera, and, orchestra. He has been one of the Tampa Bay area’s most consistent voices in drawing attention to the performing arts, combining knowledge and insight with an easy presence and light touch.

-Judy Lisi, Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa

Mathew McGee
From Brecht to Broadway, Andrew Meacham knows theatre! A noted journalist, critic and lecturer, Andrew has the uncanny ability to break down the foibles and fables of show business from Broadway’s Golden Age to the sizzling new work of Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. His lectures are both informative and fun and are well received by diehard theatre fans and those with only a casual appreciation of the performing arts.

-Mathew McGee, freeFall Theatre Company

I’m writing in support of Andrew Meacham. Our professional association spans some 6 or 7 years during his time as an Arts& Entertainment reporter. His honest and supportive critiques have been most important in my growth as an artist, as well as the growth of the Arts community of Tampa Bay. And that’s because he’s a FAN. He believes in the arts and his voice is crucial.

Reading his work in print and seeing him speak at local arts functions, you really get the same caring and insightful personality that translates from page to person. Warm, knowledgeable and friendly, he’s a great guy to be around without the first suggestion of pretense.(The complete opposite of some most critics I’ve dealt with)

Like any good communicator, Andrew transfers his knowledge of his subject matter with genuine interest and enthusiasm that gets your attention. He’s the kind of person that really dives into the subject and explores all angles to form narrative that both informs, engages and entertains. – Respectfully,


Stephanie Gularte
I’ve known Andrew for a number of years through my leadership work in the performing arts. I’ve seen Andrew’s passion for the arts and his ability to relate this passion through insightful and accessible communications to audiences primarily consisting of retirement aged arts-lovers. Through his warm demeanor, his genuine interest in connecting with others and his gift with language, I find Andrew to be particularly adept at taking complex ideas and concepts and delivering them in a very clear and enjoyable manner.

-Stephanie Gularte, CEO, The Energy Advantage

Charles Troy

WGN legend Roy Leonard
In 2014, WGN legend Roy Leonard wrote a wonderful profile on Charles Troy and his lectures.

Rich Knox

Rich Knox was the subject of a terrific profile in Newsday

Christianna LaBuz, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition & Logistics, StarVista Live

Rich was great! His first presentation had such a big turnout that we moved his second presentation to a larger venue to accommodate the demand.

The talks were both informative and entertaining, the perfect combination we were looking for. It was a pleasure to have Rich and his wife onboard. I’m sure we’ll want to invite him back in the future so I’ll be in touch when we’re ready to discuss!

Brian Rose

Stephanie Owitz,
Brian Rose has been doing his excellent virtual presentations for the Levis JCC in Boca Raton, throughout the pandemic. He has done 20+ presentations and we still have not run out of topics! Brian’s lectures are so well researched and his style of presentation is so engaging. My audience loves him and his programs are always very well attended! Even as we return to more in person programs, we will continue to offer Brian’s lectures, virtually, because they are just too good to give up!

-Stephanie Owitz, Director of Arts, Culture & Learning, Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Center, The Adolph & Rose Levis Jewish Community Center

Janice Pliner
A silver lining of the pandemic has been that lifelong learners at Washington Metro Oasis have been to enjoy Brian Rose’s fascinating film and TV history presentations via Zoom. Our happy partnership began in July 2020. We’ve received many wonderful comments about Brian’s presentations. Here is just one example, “He is terrific…well prepared, knowledgeable, wonderful clips!” More than twenty programs later, Oasis members regularly ask, “When is Brian’s next class?”

-Janice Pliner, Program Manager, The Oasis Institute

Kathleen Raskob
The COVID-19 pandemic brought a silver lining to Albuquerque Oasis’ educational offerings – Zoom lectures. Through a referral from the Washington DC Oasis center, Albuquerque began offering Brian’s courses in 2021 with excellent reviews. Comments from participants include the following: “well- researched, relevant visuals, thought provoking presentation;” “there is not enough “humor” today and Mr. Rose reminds us how funny life can be;” “this was an outstanding presentation by a skilled presenter. I loved it and his enthusiasm;” and “Very comprehensive, entertaining presentation—liked the movie videos illustrating points made in the lecture.”

-Kathleen Raskob, Executive Director, Albuquerque Oasis

Claire Nissen
Brian has presented multiple times at DOROT Onsite@Home. Each Zoom presentation is professional, thoughtful, fun and engaging. Our community consistently wants Brian to return for more engagements. He cultivates and creates virtual community in each of his programs, and we are grateful that he has brought his talents to DOROT!

-Claire Nissen, Manager, Lasting Impressions, DOROT, Inc.

Alisa Fogel
If you want to know if someone is passionate about their lectures, watch Brian Rose. He has in-depth knowledge and command of material for all of his lectures. It has been a pleasure to work with Brian.

-Alisa Fogel, Programmer, Syosset Library, Syosset, NY

Phyllis Cox
It has been quite a good number of years since you began doing your programs at the Jericho Library. It’s always a pleasure working with you….whether in person or virtual. Your presentations are always so well done and informative. I look forward to having you back often. My patrons always ask for more. Nothing makes me happier!

-Phyllis Cox, Program Coordinator, Jericho Library, Jericho, NY

Stefan Lund

Stefan was excellent, knew his subject, presentation was professional, easy to understand. … [I] will look forward to another class with Stefan.
I especially appreciated [Stefan’s] willingness to answer questions…his responses were very thorough and thought provoking.
Stefan was wonderful. His broad base of knowledge was amazing.
Strong knowledge of his subject, very sensitive to encouraging communication.
Well-organized and well-presented. The slides were helpful in following the history.
Excellent instructor, had fascinating insights, able to answer questions well.

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