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David Groen

David Groen

David Groen

Jewish History

Holocaust Remembrance

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David Groen is an author and public speaker, with most of his work focused on the plight of Dutch Jewry during the Holocaust and the events surrounding his family. His first published book is "Jew Face: A story of love and heroism in Nazi-occupied Holland". Through the book, and David's website Holland's Heroes hollandsheroes.com, a violin that belonged to his uncle, a victim of Auschwitz, found its way back to David and his family. More details are available on bramsviolin.com, the website David created to help tell this story. He has spoken in various synagogues and institutions, most recently at Boca Raton Synagogue, Chabad Jewish Center of Coral Springs, The Jewish museum of Miami Beach, and 2 synagogues in Boynton Beach, Temple Beth Kodesh and Anshei Chesed. He is working on his second book which tells a broader history leading up to the remarkable story of the violin. David is also a Cantor for the High Holidays at Beth Tovim in Philadelphia.

Lectures include:

Bram's Violin

This incredible story of hope and inspiration speaks of how the violin belonging to Bram Rodrigues made its way back to his family more than 75 years after his death in Auschwitz. The story tells of Bram’s early years in Amsterdam, a remarkable friendship, and the powerful connection of the past to present. You will learn how the book written by Bram’s nephew, presenter David Groen, had an integral role in forming the events that would transpire years later that gave Bram a legacy that otherwise would not have been.

Tales of Dutch resistance against the Nazis

After the invasion of the Netherlands by the Nazis in May of 1940, a select group of individuals became part of a resistance whose purpose was to save innocent people and to thwart the Nazis’ efforts at every turn. Jew and non-Jew alike became active in this resistance, doing what they would later refer to as “whatever needed to be done.” This presentation includes some remarkable stories of strength and bravery in the most perilous of times, and the special individual behind these actions.

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