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Luis Fleischman

Luis Fleischman, Ph.D.

Luis Fleischman, Ph.D.

Sociology Lecturer

Democracy, Israeli-Arab relations, Latin America, Anti-Semitism

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South Florida

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Luis Fleischman is a professor of Sociology at Palm Beach State College and the founding co-chair of the Palm Beach Center for Democracy, a recently created think-tank based in Florida.

Previously he worked for the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Florida, and in Central New Jersey for more than two decades as Executive Director for community and political relations. He has taught multiple courses about the Middle East; democracy and dictatorship; Latin America; Political Sociology; conservative and neo-conservative thought, and the sociology of rogue states. He is also an active member of the Academic Engagement Network, which aims to promote productive ways to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Fleischman has also written congressional testimonies on Latin American affairs, regularly provided briefings to members of Congress and staffers, and speaks at national and public conferences alongside high-ranking government officials, including members of Congress and national experts. He is the author of The Middle East Riddle: A Study of the Middle East Process and Israeli-Arab Relations in Times of Change (New Academia, 2021), a review of the Oslo Process considering social and political changes in the Arab world. He is also the author of  Latin America in the Post-Chavez Era: A Threat to U.S Security (Potomac Books, 2013), which consists of a comprehensive analysis of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's revolution and the adverse effects it has had on human rights, democracy, and liberties, and how such authoritarianism and foreign policy created a security problem for the region and the United States. 

Fleischman holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the New School for Social Research in New York City, an M.A. from the New School, and a B.A. in Political Science and Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. Lectures available in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Lectures include:

The Hamas War: Israel's Response And The Regional and Global Implications

Hamas' October 2023 attack on Israel decimated the Gaza Strip and once again thrust Israel into a war for its survival. Why did Hamas attack? What is Israel's goal in the war? Is there a risk of expanding into a global conflict? What does this say about anti-Semitism today? All these questions and more will be addressed by Palm Beach State College professor and sociologist Luis Fleischman, who for more than three decades has worked with the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process in a Changing Middle East: Why It Failed & Possible Solutions

The lecture explains why the Palestinian-Israeli peace process failed and offers some ideas to save it given current developments in the region, including new Arab-Israeli alliances, the Arab Spring, and the opening of opportunities for dialogue between Arab and Israeli citizens.

The Global Crisis Of Democracy And Its Geo-political Implications

Countries such as Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Venezuela and Bolivia are adopting a model known as “illiberal democracy,” where democratic institutions and electoral processes are used to establish authoritarian or semi-authoritarian states. The lecture explains how this process is taking place, and how the deterioration of democracy makes the world more unstable.

The Forgotten Continent: Security Challenges to the United States In Neighboring Latin America

As more Latin American countries turned to be illiberal left-wing regimes and anti-American, foreign powers saw an opportunity to gain strategic, political, and economic influence in a region that was historically part of the U.S.A.’s sphere of influence. Russia and China, competing with the United States for global influence, have been at the forefront of this regional penetration. Likewise, transnational crime and rogue states such as Iran have also increased their presence in Latin America. How did these new powers challenge the region and the U.S economically, strategically, and politically?

Antisemitism Today: The Rise Of Islamic, Western Left And Right-Wing Forms Of Anti-Jewish Bigotry

Antisemitism has re-emerged in our times in forms different than in the past. The lecture explains the threat of Islamic antisemitism in the Muslim world and in Europe; left-wing antisemitism that emanates from rabid anti-Zionism and the adoption of a radical narrative of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict; and, the renewal of old forms of modern antisemitism as liberal democracy is globally challenged.

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