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Cyndi Rubin

Cyndi Rubin

Cyndi Rubin

Author & Life Coach

Life Coach, Human Development

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Ms. Stein-Rubin is an award-winning tenured professor from Brooklyn College of CUNY, certified speech/language pathologist, published author of four books, most recently, “I See You Do You See You?”, professional life coach, speech coach, public and keynote speaker, and a specialist in the field of human development. In addition, she was the recipient of the university-wide Award for Excellence in Teaching and has served on the selection committee, over several years, to determine subsequent winners. Aside from her academic career, Ms. Stein-Rubin has a private life-coaching practice, where she coaches clients both individually and in groups. In addition, she delivers keynotes and lectures for The Boca Raton, various country clubs, and organizations in South Florida and New York. To inform her lectures and presentations, Ms. Stein-Rubin draws from fields such as positive psychology, cognitive therapy, and leadership training. Given her rich professional backdrop, which also includes a theater background, her lectures are alive with ingenuity and sparkle. Most leave her lectures with comments such as, “I feel so great, as if I had a session of therapy!”

Cyndi! I planned to write you a note of thanks for your thought provoking and interactive presentation. Our audience members all left with a smile on their faces.
We loved your presentation from start to end and hope we can have you back again.
Please keep in touch with me.
Have a wonderful day!
-Debbie Lazinsky

Valencia Lakes

Lectures include:

The Science of and Proven Secrets to Happiness

This lecture answers questions such as why be happy? What is happiness? I’m happy already why do I need this information? Are we born happy? Can we learn to be happier? Is sadness taboo? Participants will be entertained by film clips, and lively Power Point slides to drive points home. Come on and join in the happiness!

It’s Your Time to Shine

Would you like to uncover greater self-esteem, self-confidence, happiness and well-being, become more alive? Although most of you may know some of your strengths, this workshop helps gain laser sharp clarity on them, discover strengths you may not know you had, and how to use our strengths in new and different ways. So please come and join this wonderful vicious cycle of power! Look forward to a surprise ending.

Female Friendship the Good the Bad and the Ugly

Think about whenever something wonderful happened for you, what’s the first thing you wanted to do? Probably connect with a friend. Friendships are also invaluable when going through a hard time. When one thinks back to that challenging time, we wonder whether or not we could have gotten through without our friends. On the other side of the coin, are the difficulties. Let’s learn how to navigate the pitfalls of female friendships together and thrive!

How to Handle Difficult Conversations

Most of us would prefer having a root canal than dealing with a confrontation. If you would like to increase your confidence in having a difficult conversation then, you’ve come to the right place! The secret – it all starts in your mind. You may need to change your mindset. It’s not about you and me against each other, rather you and me and what can we create? Please come and join the fun of demystifying difficult conversations.

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