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Andy Greenberg

Andy Greenberg

Andy Greenberg

General Interest Lecturer

Andy know a lot about a lot of things

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Andy Greenberg was one of the most listened to speakers in America as a result of his national radio spot that appeared daily on 100’s of radio stations for 5 years and was heard by millions of people in a show called “Your Daily High with Andy Greenberg.

His book “Your HIgh” sold 5 times the average for a first book signing and the subject of a national Associated Press Article. He was also the host and creator of a critically acclaimed TV talk show.

Since moving to Florida full time, 7 years ago he quickly continued to be a sought-after speaker, trainer and educator, on both secular, business and Judaic topics for HOA’s, Senior Facilities, Trade Organizations, business conferences, Synagogues and Clubs and businesses. His presentation style is inter-active, humorous, educational, entertaining, and long lasting.

His accomplishments include managing the marketing and sales of several $60,000,000 businesses, creating and launching 12 new products and rebranding a national company. He has won several national awards, quoted in USA Today, Associated Press, Inc Magazine, Omaha World Herald, Strictly Business Magazine, and Business Midlands Journal, Business to Business Magazine and in various local news broadcasts.

He is married for 53 years, visited 101 countries, all 50 states and every major league ballpark, 2 World Series Games, 1 All-Star and Home Run Derby and one world boxing championship. His sales career started by selling shoes door to door in New York City at age 18.

Although active in speaking and training for over 11 years, in July 2009 he started “ Speaking of Andy Greenberg” a life and business building based company that through presentations, seminars, consulting and coaching he shares and teaches individuals and businesses how to stay motivated, excel in sales, marketing, leadership, networking. customer service and life.

Three months later “Getting UP with Andy Greenberg” was featured on Omaha’s most listened to daily radio show “The Good Morning Show with Gary Sadlemyer on 1110 KFAB. The segment provided daily innovative insights on keeping motivated all day. Over 1,300 vignettes were created! The show went national 1.5 years later and then Andy produced and created a TV Show and wrote a book.

His thoughts and ideas are frequently featured in 3 leading South Florida publications.

He has also been voted the 4th best dressed in Omaha!

Lectures include:

“Getting UP with Andy Greenberg”

National radio personality and TV talk show host will present “Getting UP with Andy Greenberg.”

This humorous and entertaining program is based on his national radio vignettes that were heard by millions on 100’s of stations for 5+ years , his book “Your HIgh,” his TV show and personal life.

In a very unique and entertaining way Andy takes everyday objects and events and turns them into memorable insights and though provoking ideas that can be used every day.

Learn how ordering eggs, being stuck in traffic, the grocery clerk a copy machine and many more will result in more smiles and a fulfilling day.

His TV show “Your Omaha HIgh” received national attention and rave reviews from industry professionals and viewers.

Join the millions who tuned in everyday on radio and see him live!

How to deal with difficult people!

Is the difficult person always the other person? How do we break down barriers and eliminate the walls of mistrust that took seconds or years to build? Each attendee will learn how to prevent a situation from becoming combative and turn it into an experience of long lasting resolution and respect.

Say “Good Buy Money”

A humorous look at what and why you buy, the difference between men and women shoppers, how retailers get you to pay more and how colors are used to help you spend more green! Basically, you have no control- so say goodbye to your money.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!

A revealing fun filled discussion on where idioms, sayings and expressions come from! “AMBULANCE CHASING” is an “AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE” and so is “BENDING THE RULES!” Are they all “GETTING THE BUM STEER?”

Are you “BURSTING AT SEAMS” to find out where all these clichés, proverbs and expressions come from?

All will become “CRYSTAL CLEAR” as Andy Greenberg reveals in a humorous presentation why it would be “A CRYING SHAME” to “DRAG YOUR FEET” and not “GET WITH THE PROGRAM”

Brylcream, PlopPlop Fiz Fiz

Where’s the Beef, Mickey likes it, are all old commercials! They don’t make them like they used to! Re-live those moments of yesteryear as we journey down memory lane and watch and discuss many of the top commercials we love and miss!

Potpourri of Nothing

There is no real theme as it is about everything or nothing just like the Seinfeld show. However we will explore some really unique things search as how did reality TV start color what is Oprah’s real name did you leave your sunglasses at Disney World , how many mosquitoes can a bat eat in an hour , the story of a real flying pig , where did Starbucks get its name, crazy headlines and classified ads , famous adopted people come facts about popcorn , why did Napoleon lose the battle of Waterloo which presidents saw dead aliens, where did Amazon get its name camera and how much popcorn people eat in America plus a whole host of other interesting facts that you will never know unless you stay with us.

Retirement is Hard Work!

I have no time to myself! I can’t figure out how I was able to work and raise a family because I am busier now than ever before! If this sound familiar you will enjoy learning about the history and complexities of a simple life that everyone can relate that will keep you laughing and smiling!

UFO’s since the beginning of Time

Are we alone? We were NEVER alone. Strange visitors from other planets have been here since the earth was first created and some say may have never left! Proof is found in ancient texts and they will be revealed only to those who zoom in for this out of the world discussion.

Viruses before the computer age

What will history reveal about Covid-19? Will it join the list of plagues and pandemics that have been part of earthly life since the Byzantine times? These fascinating insights will explain how many were missed and what could have been done to stop and how all of them were eventually eradicated through strange customs and unheard of medicines.

Let’s talk about Dick Tracy

Detective or visionary? How many others were there like him who thought of and wished for all the marvelous gadgets that we have today. We will explore the origin and impact of all our magnificent technology and begin the journey of what today’s science fiction will eventually become tomorrow’s history.

The End of the World is Near!

Yes we’ve heard it all before and in some cases it scared us. Yet this is nothing new as the predictions of the end of the world are as old as civilization. From the caveman to the nuclear age we will explore the predictions and what went wrong what were they based on is the next one real and what should we do about it? I hope the So that this session can take place.

Cats, Ladders, Potions Pins and CracksThe End of the World is Near!

The world is full of superstitions since millenniums began to be counted. What is their origin are they real do they impact you do they impact us why have they sustained throughout all these years and what new ones are being developed at this very time. This journey into the occult will leave you wondering Whether you should believe or not.

“It’s not what you say it’s how you flail your arms”

Your every move is being judged by a silent language that you don’t even know your speaking! Blinking, pupils, lips, fingers, arms, spine, itching and so many more are the alphabet! Be ready to learn the language of the body!

Who are You?

Your personality is secretly revealed by the artists, paintings, colors that will be shown during this uplifting session. This colorful explorations will help you make new friends, meet great people and understand why you attracted to certain brands.

The Guinness Book of World Records

In a very entertaining and yes weird way, we will explore some of the strangest records ever recorded! You will not believe your eyes. This should not be missed.

Do you believe the end of the world is near?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Relive all the previous predications in history going back 2,000 years and behind! There have been hundreds of predications from credible sources filled with facts, fantasy and causes. What is even more dramatic are the ones in current discussion and some that are Jewish! So should you prepare now or just…….. You can’t miss this interactive discussion, who knows if it will be given again!

The art of Schmoozing revisited!

Let’s prepare to learn how to talk to people again! This insightful session will teach us new skills how to break the ice and engage in meaningful conversations with other people eye to eye. It will be both humorous and insightful and should not be missed! Soon we might even use it!

You and Chocolate

Nearly everybody loves chocolate — but do you know why? What’s the best selling candy bar? How was the chocolate chip cookie developed? How healthy is chocolate and how many different ways are there to consume it? Which chocolate bar has been consumed the most in outer space? All of these questions that have kept you up at night, and/or that you’ve thought about while biting into a delicious piece of chocolate or drinking a magnificent Cup of hot cocoa, will be answered.

What Day is Today?

You probably never realized that every day of the calendar year is a special event! Join Carole and Andy for a humorous look at those special days that go way beyond Groundhog and April Fools! There are days for stupid questions, hugging, taking chances and all are on the calendar! This hour is loaded with fun.

How has your life changed with these inventions?

Take a journey from 1950 to 2021 as we looked at how inventions changed our life and when! Coffee, TV, Rotary Phones. Moses, VCR, Laptops and so many more! What can we live without? What will people 60 years from now think about our current new ideas. You do not want to miss this!

You Talking to Me?

Reflect on all the ways we communicate with each other as we follow these innovations that might have destroyed families, values, education and how we spend our money, or not. As usual this is one you do not want to miss as it will you will talk about what you heard and see for weeks to come!

You are what you wear!

Take a pictorial and great discussion how fashion ideas began, why you followed and how world history changed hem lines, hats and shoes. This is for men and women, so button up, fold your pleats and enjoy!

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