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Leslie Clemensen

Leslie Clemensen

Leslie Clemensen


Bird Habitats, Feedings & Identification

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Leslie Clemensen is an Audubon Trained Naturalist and Certified Backyard Bird Feeding Specialist. In collaboration the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Project NestWatch and the Colorado Bluebird Project, she currently serves as an  Outreach Coordinator for the Bluebird Monitoring Project with Douglas Land Conservancy. Leslie leads bird walks and hikes in the Douglas County area and is employed by Wild Birds Unlimited. Leslie is a retired educator and Colorado native who is passionate about connecting people with nature and helping all enjoy birds and other wildlife in their backyards and beyond.

Lectures include:

Bring Nature To Your Window Through Bird Feeding

All the essentials you need to know about the fast-growing and enjoyable hobby of bird watching! Learn why feeding birds is important for our feathered friends, and take away tips to easily attract a variety of birds year-round. This hour-long lecture includes suggestions about standard and specialty feeders, and foods that will attract a wide variety of birds. Common bird feeding challenges will be discussed as well as tips for bird identification.

Everything You Need to Know to Attract Beautiful Hummingbirds

Each spring, people eagerly await the arrival of migrating hummingbirds. These tiny and dazzling creatures are known to return to the same location from one year to the next, even to the same feeders! Learn when to expect them and how to entice them to your feeders. You will also take away tips to identify the different species of hummingbirds who call Colorado home for the summer. Finally, we will discuss the migration patterns of the world’s smallest birds and how they adapt to the extreme weather conditions Colorado presents.

What’s That Bird? Common Colorado Backyard Birds and Tips to Identify Them

Have you wondered what bird is sitting on the fence? Singing at dawn? Join us to learn about birds common to backyards in Colorado. Through a multimedia and interactive presentation, you will see and hear a variety of birds and learn how to identify them with confidence. We will also discuss popular video bird feeders and other tools which use AI to help identify bird species. A variety of practical and easy-to-use resources will be shared.

Bluebirds of Colorado

Join us in learning about one of Colorado’s most spectacular birds, the bluebird! Colorado is the summer home to this amazing bird and it’s easy to see why bluebirds are symbolic of spreading joy to those who see and hear them. You will walk away with insights about what makes them so unique and what is being done to ensure they are enjoyed by future generations.

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