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A Quiet Place Part II

If you’re like me and enjoyed the first “A Quiet Place” but only saw it once back in 2018 and don’t remember what happened to Lee Abbott (John Krasinski, who also wrote and directed this installment), then tough noogies. You will not be reminded in “A Quiet Place Part II.” We see…

The Wraith

The term “quintessential 80s movie” can apply to a fair number of flicks from the decade. While there are measurable factors we can look at like cars, clothes, hair, and music, it’s more than that. The endearing movies of the 80s have…

Wrath Of Man

Director and co-screenwriter Guy Ritchie’s “Wrath of Man” reminds me of the old Klingon proverb that revenge is a dish best served cold. While this movie doesn’t take place in space, it does take place in Los Angeles, which can be just as mysterious and dangerous.

Bringing Up Baby

History is the final judge in all things. Upon its initial release in 1938, “Bringing Up Baby” was not well regarded. I clearly remember watching it for the first time around two decades ago on TCM in part because of the introduction by host Robert Osborne, who noted…

Godzilla vs Kong

Here’s what many of you want to know about “Godzilla vs. Kong”: Does it deliver on pitting the giant ape and giant reptile against each other in satisfying knock down, drag out fights that result in tons of collateral damage? Yes. It does.

The Stylist

Claire (Najarra Townsend) is not right in the head. She drugs women, removes their scalps with whatever sharp tool is available to her (usually a pair of scissors), and wears the scalp in the creepy serial killer lair in the cellar of her house.

The Courier

For those who like their cold war thrillers with tons of escapist action, shootouts, explosions, sexual tension, and martinis that are shaken, not stirred, then “The Courier” isn’t for you. The story is closer to something by John Le Carre than it is Ian Fleming…

Chaos Walking

I need to begin this review of “Chaos Walking” at the end. Not to spoil any details, since I am averse to such things, but to be upfront about my dislike to the ending of a movie I otherwise enjoyed. My criticism of the ending is directed at…


There are some jobs that on some level I know exist, but never really thought about. Take for example that of a chicken sexer. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A person is paid to sort through trays of newly hatched chicks to determine which are male and which are female, then separate accordingly.


Oftentimes a human being is the star of a movie. Occasionally, it’s an animal. Rarely is it something that would otherwise be an inanimate object. Even more rarely is a movie’s star a place. However, as the title suggests, the rugged, mountainous terrain seen in “Land” is the star of the show.

Judas and the Black Messiah

The man is powerful, confident, eloquent, and persuasive. His language is fiery and direct—it begs no question. The man says what he means and he means what he says. He comes across as completely genuine and sincere. The man is a strong, tireless leader.

Fun with Dick and Jane

One of the joys of a movie from a bygone era is to see a slice of life that is different from today. People may not change much over the decades, but things like hair styles, clothes, and cars sure do.

Defending Your Life

The great movies are the ones that stick with you. I first saw writer-director-star Albert Brooks’ 1991 masterpiece “Defending Your Life” 30 years ago. I loved it so much that I watched it twice.


Animation company Pixar has been going so strong so for long that its toughest competition is itself. As someone who watches all of its movies, I’ve come to expect a high level of excellence in technical aspects such as character design…

Promising Young Woman

It’s been said many times that it’s impossible to really, truly, completely know someone. This is generally true when considering that most people don’t spend 24/7 with each other. It’s even more true when considering the innermost fears and desires that people keep reserved for only themselves.

Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: Roman Holiday

Sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason, and oftentimes it’s because there is at least some bit of truth to them. I’ll dust off this old chestnut for “Roman Holiday”: They don’t make them like they used to.

Blu-Ray Pick of the Week: The Lady Eve

Barbara Stanwyck is a charmer. With her petite frame and inviting smile, she has a sweet, endearing, approachable, girl next door quality that makes her extremely likeable—even if the character she is playing is a swindler, like in 1941’s “The Lady Eve.”

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