Lectures For Lifelong Learners!

Zoom Lectures

Hudak On Hollywood is excited to offer a variety of lectures via Zoom live streaming. Click here to learn more!

Themed Events

Themed Events, such as Oscar Night, Ladies Night and Fright Night around Halloween are great fun for the family and community!

South Florida

Audiences in South FL have enjoyed Dan Hudak’s lectures for more than ten years! He’s covered great movie moments, behind-the-scenes scandals, and the Oscars. Now the team in South FL also covers Broadway, Nutrition, Jewish History and more!


In addition to Dan Hudak’s classic film lectures, Denver audiences also enjoy Betsy Schwarm’s lectures on classical music. Attendees are often shocked at the many pieces of music Betsy plays that sound surprisingly familiar, and then they’re “wowed” by Betsy’s extensive background knowledge as she discusses the music!


Audiences in Albuquerque can’t get enough of Dan Hudak’s film lectures! They laugh, they cry, they reminisce. Indeed, one of the great things about the lectures is how they trigger memories for attendees, often taking them back to first dates and fun outings with friends that happened more than 50 years ago!


In the Tampa area, Bob Ross and Andrew Meacham have been entertaining audiences for years with their classic film and Broadway lectures. And certainly their knowledge runs deep: Bob was the Tampa Tribune film critic for more than 20 years, and Andrew was a writer and arts critic for the Tampa Bay Times for more than ten years!


In large crowds full of sharp, experienced individuals, opinions and feedback are inevitable. Hudak On Hollywood is proud to share the great compliments and feedback often offered by lecture attendees.

Dan Hudak

Audiences have turned out in force through the years to enjoy Dan Hudak’s classic film lectures. Every year he also does a “Best Picture Oscar Talk” that focuses on the then-current Best Picture Oscar nominees and other major categories. It is the most popular and in-demand lecture Dan does!

Top 5 Book-to-Movie Adaptations of the Last Decade

The book and film industries have a closer relationship than most people realize — Los Angeles Times reports that books have always been a huge source of raw material for Hollywood. But with the rise of streaming services…

Welcome To Hudak On Hollywood

Hudak On Hollywood, Inc., provides lectures and entertainment to country clubs and 55+ communities throughout the United States.

Available topics include classic films, Broadway, music, classical music, opera, radio/TV history, Jewish history, nutrition, trivia, health & wellness and more. Lectures are engaging, educational and entertaining, and available in person and via Zoom. Most lectures are one hour and fully audiovisual. Themed events, such as “Oscar Night,” have also been popular.

If you are searching for a lecturer to bring an engaging session to your venue, whether in person or via Zoom, reach out to owner Dan Hudak at dan@hudakonhollywood.com to learn more about our programs!

Our Lectures

Hudak On Hollywood’s lectures have provided great entertainment for 55+ communities, retirement facilities, JCCs, country clubs and more!

Quick story: After hearing the “Famous Moments, Famous Movies Part II” lecture, a woman approached Dan to discuss the shower scene in “Psycho” that he just showed. She remembered seeing the film with friends in New York City in 1960 shortly after it opened, and that it was so scary they didn’t want to shower for three days! Triggering memories such as these are at the heart of everything Hudak On Hollywood does.

In person lectures are available throughout Florida, Denver, Albuquerque, Minnesota, Phoenix, and New York/New Jersey. Most lecturers are also available via Zoom. Click the links below to learn more.

Lecturers Wanted!

Hudak On Hollywood is pleased to offer a team of highly talented lecturers who are thoroughly vetted and recommended by professionals in clubs and 55+ communities throughout the country.

Are you a professional lecturer on a topic of interest to the country club and/or 55+ community who’s looking for more engagements? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Just reach out to dan@hudakonhollywood.com and tell Dan more about yourself!