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Christina Lane

Christina Lane

Christina Lane

Film Studies

Film History, Alfred Hitchcock, Women In Film

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Christina Lane is the Edgar® Award-winning author of the book Phantom Lady: Hollywood Producer Joan Harrison, The Forgotten Woman Behind Hitchcock. She has published extensively on film history, classical Hollywood, and women filmmakers, including the groundbreaking book Feminist Hollywood: From Born in Flames to Point Break

She is Professor of Film Studies and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the School of Communication at the University of Miami. She has served as President of the University Film and Video Association and on the Steering Committee of Women Film History International. 

Christina has provided commentary to such outlets as Air Mail, CrimeReads, Ms. Magazine, and the Daily Mail. She has been a featured guest speaker at the Film Forum in New York City, the Outdoor Reading Room at Bryant Park, and on NPR and Turner Classic Movies. 

Lectures include:

Hitchcock's Female Accomplices: The Women Behind Alfred Hitchcock

As the forefather of modern cinema, Alfred Hitchcock is often referred to as the quintessential auteur. Many people take for granted that Hitchcock is the singular vision behind his movies. Yet, his films show (more plainly than most) that film is a collaborative medium. And many of Hitchcock’s greatest and most influential collaborators were women — from writers to producers to costume designers to art directors. Through a discussion of a range of Hitchcock movies, this illustrated lecture will introduce you to Hitchcock’s many female collaborators and show you why films such as Rebecca, Shadow of a Doubt, Rear Window, and North by Northwest had so much to say about relationships between men and women.

Powerhouses: The Forgotten Women of Hollywood's Golden Age

Women have been pioneers in filmmaking from its earliest days, innovating technologies, shaping conventions, and dramatically shaping the US industry. Yet women’s contributions go largely forgotten or obscured. Some classic Hollywood era stars such as Bette Davis and Carole Lombard made powerful changes in the industry that were barely known then and have nearly been lost to history. At the same time, the stories of less familiar women, such as screenwriters, producers, and directors, are so fascinating they would make for great movies in their own right. This lecture will include clips and images to shed light on the triumphs and struggles of these powerhouses and expand our perspective on today’s contemporary media landscape.

The Making of Boynton Beach Club: Adventures in Indie Filmmaking at a 55+ Community

When Susan Seidelman, one of the most successful independent filmmakers of the 1980s, was looking to make a comeback in the age of streaming and emerging technologies, she realized her best prospects were in her own backyard. Well, actually, the backyard of her mother’s 55+ South Florida retirement community. The result was Boynton Beach Club (2005), a story of the romantic exploits of recently widowed and divorced senior citizens living in a South Florida retirement community, starring Dyan Cannon, Brenda Viccaro, Sally Kellerman, and Joseph Bologna. This lecture goes behind the scenes of this low-budget movie, detailing all the creative, savvy – and risky – choices that Seidelman and her mother Florence made as they achieved critical success and ultimately new paradigm in cinema.

The Making of Hitchcock’s Classics: Psycho

Psycho is widely considered Alfred Hitchcock’s most successful and influential film. Not even Hitchcock could have predicted that he would be forever changed by making this movie, and so would American audiences. Going behind the scenes of the making of Psycho, this lecture offers insight into the director’s unique style as well as how this film forever changed the industry. Note: Communities are encouraged (but not required) to screen the film for its residents in advance of the lecture.

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