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Peter Lovenheim

Peter Lovenheim

Peter Lovenheim


Professional Journalist & Writer

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Peter Lovenheim is an award-winning author and journalist whose articles and essays have appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Parade, Politico, The Forward, and the AARP Magazine. He is Washington Correspondent for the Rochester Beacon, an online source of news and commentary for his hometown of Rochester, NY.

His books of non-fiction include Gift Shop of Gratitude: A Journal to Explore the Journey of Your Life (2024), The Attachment Effect (2018), an exploration of how early bonds with parents shape personality throughout life, In the Neighborhood: The Search for Community on an American Street, One Sleepover at a Time (2012), winner of a Barnes & Noble Discover Award and the First Annual Zócalo Public Square Book Prize, and Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf (2002), a first-hand attempt to understand the food chain, and three other books.

Lovenheim holds a degree in journalism, summa cum laude, from Boston University, and in law from Cornell Law School. He has appeared on National Public Radio, the Oprah Radio Network, CNBC, and more than fifty regional NPR and commercial radio and TV outlets. A keynote speaker at public conferences around the country, Peter has also been the invited speaker, both in person and virtually, at more than one hundred book clubs in the United States.

Lectures include:


Gratitude, studies show, is a key to happiness. In this program, author Peter Lovenheim shows how to create a memory book of the people, places, and experiences for which we’re most grateful. His fresh and humorous approach uses as writing prompts 20 common items–from t-shirts to bobbleheads–found in gift shops everywhere. The program is based on Lovenheim’s latest book, Gift Shop of Gratitude.


Whether home is a house, apartment, or community residence, we all have neighbors. Sadly, though, neighborliness in America is not what it used to be. When a murder-suicide occurred on his suburban street, author Peter Lovenheim wondered why we are so often isolated from our neighbors and what we lose by living as strangers to each other. To try to get to know his own neighbors better, he arranged to sleep over at their houses. In this program, based on his award-winning book In the Neighborhood, Lovenheim explores the decline in neighborliness and offers strategies for building healthier neighborhoods.

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