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Ric Mixter

Ric Mixter

Ric Mixter

Deep-Sea Diving, Exploring


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Ric Mixter puts on thousands of miles each year as one of the most requested historians on the Great Lakes. He has written dozens of articles that have appeared on the covers of Michigan HIstory Magazine, The Beacon and Michigan's Chronicle. He has written and hosted over 30 shows on PBS stations airing all around the midwest and Canada and he's been featured as an expert on Discovery and History Channels. His touring shipwreck show "STORM" has appeared to sold out audiences in 16 cities. Ric is a board member at the prestigious Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society and is the president of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association. He says his greatest productions are his three kids, who are all certified divers.

Lectures include:

The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigations

This is easily Ric’s most popular lecture, and it is usually standing room only when its advertised correctly. Featuring exclusive footage of the construction of the Fitz, this lecture includes interviews from the builders, sailors and investigators into the largest shipwreck on the Great Lakes. Ric also features footage from his dive down 550 feet to see the wreck site in a tiny submarine.


The Rouse Simmons is famous as the Christmas Tree Ship, but there were other schooners lost on their way to deliver conifers for the holidays. Ric looks into the George Wrenn, S. Thal, Mary Collins, Vermont and La Rabida, as well as an in-depth look at why the Simmons became such a legend.


The most famous Coast Guard rescues told by the men who were there. From the Nordmeer airlift to the Carl D. Bradley, Ric shares rare commentary with rescuers and survivors from the Escanaba, Dorchester, whaleback Henry Cort, and many others. With profiles of the museum ships Sundew and Mackinaw and even dives on the first Hollyhock, now a shipwreck off Florida. Ric also has 60 minute presentations on each of the highlighted cutters as well.


Based on Ric’s 260-page book, this first-ever compilation covers famous messages from Titanic to the Great Lakes, including haunting messages from the Great Storm of 1913. Ric also covers the newly discovered Pere Marquette 18, and how radio squelched the fad of floating farewells. Also includes messages from PT Barnum’s balloonist that was lost over Lake Michigan.


Biblical accounts of the Ark and St. Paul’s shipwreck may be the most published stories of all time, but they aren’t the first tales recorded. Ric shares stories over four thousand years old from cuneiform tablets and he shares Phoenician and Egyptian wrecks that have been discovered in addition to Titanic, Lusitania, Arizona and so many other wrecks that have received headlines over the centuries. With a special emphasis on Great Lakes wrecks, this is a popular new topic!

Deep Six: Titanics of the Great Lakes

Based on the popular PBS documentary, this lecture chronicles the largest shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, including the Edmund Fitzgerald, Carl D. Bradley, Daniel J. Morrell and Cedarville. Survivors from several of the shipwrecks including Lake Erie’s largest shipwreck, the James Reed.

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