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Stefan Lund

Stefan Lund

Stefan Lund


American History, Civil War

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Stefan Lund is a Minneapolis native and with nearly a decade of experience as an educator and writer in the field of American history. He received his PhD in history in 2022 after five years of work at the University of Virginia’s John Nau Center for Civil War History and now teaches college-level U.S. history to Twin Cities area high school students. His peer-reviewed work has appeared in the Annals of Iowa historical journal and his writing about American history has been published by the Washington Post and Star Tribune. Stefan began offering adult enrichment courses focusing on nineteenth-century America in 2022 with a series of lectures on the origins of the American Civil War and another on the Civil War’s influence on American art. With a passion for the early history of the United States Stefan enjoys discussing anything from the Revolutionary crisis to the Reconstruction period.

Stefan was excellent, knew his subject, presentation was professional, easy to understand. … [I] will look forward to another class with Stefan.
I especially appreciated [Stefan’s] willingness to answer questions…his responses were very thorough and thought provoking.
Stefan was wonderful. His broad base of knowledge was amazing.
Strong knowledge of his subject, very sensitive to encouraging communication.
Well-organized and well-presented. The slides were helpful in following the history.
Excellent instructor, had fascinating insights, able to answer questions well.

Lectures include:

Stories Behind the Photos of the American Civil War

The American Civil War was one of the first major military conflicts to be photographed, producing indelible images that live on in the minds of Americans. Across the country photographers such as Matthew Brady, Alexander Gardner, and George Barnard produced poignant and sometimes haunting images of people and places changed by the war. Examining a series of curated photographs, Dr. Lund tells the stories behind the people who took them and the conflict that surrounded them.

Making the Emancipation Proclamation a Reality

The Emancipation Proclamation is justly remembered as one of the iconic documents of American history, but it took determination, chance, and luck to make it a reality. Disagreements and disputes among anti-slavery Republicans culminated with a battle—the bloodiest day in American history—that assured the Emancipation Proclamation would become reality. Dr. Lund illuminates the winding path that led to the Proclamation.

Minnesotans in the Civil War

Although Minnesota had been a state for less than three years when the Civil War broke out, Minnesotans answered the call to arms and played pivotal roles in the conflict. Nearly 25,000 Minnesotans took up arms, or about one of every seven people in the state. Dr. Lund follows some of their stories across the nation from the banks of the Potomac, to the Arkansas River, and even the hills of Gettysburg.

Minnesotans at War

Minnesotans have played key roles in nearly every one of United States’ wars since its statehood in 1858. Focusing on the major wars of the twentieth century, Dr. Lund tells the stories of some of those who have served in the armed forces across the globe. From the “Gopher Gunners” on the banks of the Marne to the St. Paul sailors of the USS Ward at Pearl Harbor, Minnesotans have served with distinction throughout the nation’s conflicts.

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