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Lucy Rose Fischer

Lucy Rose Fischer

Lucy Rose Fischer


Artist, Author and Social Scientist

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Lucy Rose Fischer, PhD, is an award-winning Minnesota artist, author, and social scientist. She had a distinguished 25-year career as a researcher in aging and was honored as a Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America for “outstanding achievement and exemplary contributions to the field of aging.” She is the author of six books—her most recent titles are The Journalist: Life and Loss in America’s Secret War; Grow Old With Me, and I’m New at Being Old. As an artist, she specializes in creating fanciful and colorful designs on glass—painting upside-down, inside-out and backwards on hand blown glass. She is the founder and coordinator of the Interfaith Artist Circle of the Twin Cities. Lucy Rose is featured on the Twin Cities Public Television programs “The Creative Power of Aging” and “Life Changing Art."

Lectures include:

Close Encounters with the Third Age

There has been a dramatic increase in longevity. Many of us not only live longer but also remain relatively healthy until very old age. The Third Age – our post-retirement years – can be a major part of our lives. If we retire at age 65 or so—then what? How should we manage this gift of time? This presentation offers insights on the Third Age, with research, stories about vital and inspiring older people, and colorful art.

What We Can Learn from Our Mothers

The generations of our mothers and grandmothers have been age-pioneers, living in a time with rapid changes in what it means to grow older. What can we learn from the experiences of those who have gone ahead of us into old age? Using research, stories about her own mother, and vivid illustrations, Fischer offers new perspectives on growing old.

The 60s Generation is Turning 60+

Nearly half a century ago, the generation of the 60s, the vanguard of the Baby Boomers, asserted a youth-oriented culture. This was a generation of protest—defying authority, breaking rules, and hoping to change the world. What happens to a youth-promoting generation when old age creeps up? The Baby Boom generation, in every age, has made waves. Now, perhaps, this generation of old hippies and old protesters will create an age-boom—pointing to a new old-age.

Creativity and Aging

There is a “use it or lose it” principle for cognitive ability—if we stimulate our brains, we continue to grow dendrites, even in old age. Creative engagement can help to prevent or at least postpone dementia. This is a presentation about the power of creativity in later life, using a combination of research, personal stories, and vivid illustrations. Fischer talks about being inspired by people who have gone before her on this journey—family members and friends who have blossomed in their later years—some are writers or artists or rabble-rousers—some are just wise in their own ways. She also shares her own experience of launching her art career around age 60 when she asked herself: “How old do I have to be to follow my dream?”

Witness to War

America’s Vietnam War seemed to arrive suddenly—body counts, the draft, and protests on college campuses. How did this all begin? Jerry Rose, a young journalist in Vietnam in the early 1960s, was a witness to the secret unfolding of this war. Through his articles and photographs—including the first major article to be written about American troops fighting in Vietnam—he exposed the secret beginnings of America’s Vietnam War—risking his life in the process.

Life is a Work of Art

It can happen in a moment. You notice a deep crease on your forehead or a blossoming of gray hairs or someone mentions the term “elderly” and you realize they are talking about you. How can we live creatively—so that we make the most of our years? There is a “use it or lose it” principle for cognitive ability—if we stimulate our brains, we continue to grow dendrites, even in old age. Fischer shows how we can create our lives as a work of art.

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