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Lisa Maddox

Lisa Maddox

Lisa Maddox

Intelligence, Family History

U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Research, Family History

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Lisa Maddox is a former intelligence officer, having worked in various roles at NCIS, the State Department and the CIA for 15 years. Her work focused on combatting terrorism and supporting US efforts in Afghanistan during the war. During that time she developed unique research and investigative skills, which led to the founding of Family History Intelligence, a company that conducts extensive research on family backgrounds and digitizes the findings into private websites to share with family members and to preserve for future generations. Her services have been noted in several publications, including The Washingtonian.

Lectures include:

My Life In The CIA

Lisa Maddox worked in the intelligence community for 15 years at agencies that included NCIS and the CIA. This hour-long lecture will chronicle her time in the intelligence community, including working in counterterrorism, deploying to war zones and developing the unique research skills that led to the founding of her company Family History Intelligence. Lisa will provide insights into the daily work and rigors of an intelligence officer, such as handling arduous tasks from military leaders and conducting sophisticated analysis to guide global leaders through complex situations.

Genealogy And You

Lisa Maddox, a former CIA officer and the founder of the company Family History Intelligence, will teach participants where and how they can find information about their domestic and international ancestors, along with immigration details and records. She will highlight unique approaches, stemming from her CIA experiences, to take your genealogical research to the next level. In this hour-long lecture, Lisa also will share dynamic case studies to showcase the beauty and importance of genealogy.

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