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Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery

Art History

Medieval & Renaissance Art, Poster Art Of The 1960s

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Scott B Montgomery is Professor of Art History at the University of Denver, where he teaches classes on Medieval art, Renaissance art, and the art of the 1960s poster movement. His books include Saint Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins of Cologne. Relics, Reliquaries and the Visual Culture of Group Sanctity in Late Medieval Europe (Whitney: Peter Lang Press, 2009) and Casting Our Own Shadows: Recreating the Medieval Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (co-authored with Alice A. Bauer) (New Orleans: University Press of the South, 2012). He has published numerous articles on saints in medieval art, pilgrimage, relics and reliquaries, and 1960s psychedelic poster art. His award winning documentary film, The Tale of the Dog (produced with Dan Obarski) was released in 2020.

Lectures include:

The Family Dog Denver: A Cultural History of Denver in the late 1960s

This presentation discusses the history of the Family Dog Denver through the posters created for it in 1967-68. This short-lived rock and roll club in south Denver was the epicenter of watershed changes in culture, music, and art. Using the posters as our guides, this presentation traces the musical, artistic, and cultural legacy of the Family Dog Denver.

The Tale of the Dog: Movie Screening and Q+A with the Directors

(with Dan Obarski)
This event begins with the screening of The Tale of the Dog – a 100-minute documentary on the Family Dog Denver, produced by Scott B. Montgomery and Dan Obarski. The award-winning film tells the story of the Family Dog Denver – a rock club in Denver – that operated as the hub of hippie counterculture activity in 1967-68. The screening will be followed by a Question and Answer discussion with the two directors/producers.

Seed to Flower: The San Francisco Psychedelic Poster Movement - Part 1 (1965-67)

This presentation traces the origins and development of the Psychedelic Poster Movement in San Francisco during the mid to late 1960s. From its origins in 1965, through the developmental stages of 1966, and on the the blossoming of 1967’s “Summer of Love,” the psychedelic poster emerged as one of the most prominent visual elements of the emerging hippie counterculture. Frequently advertising rock concerts, these posters reveal tremendous artistry and the development of a distinct artistic style.

Florence and its Patron Saints in the Age of Dante

This presentation examines the competition for holy patronage of the city of Florence during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The Baptistery of San Giovanni centered the cult of John the Baptist in the heart of town, while the monastery of San Miniato al Monte asserted the presence of St. Minias on the hill above the city. Examining architecture, mosaic, painting, and sculpture, this presentation discusses how the cult of saints was visually articulated in medieval Florence.

Mosaics Of Ravenna

This presentation surveys some of the major mosaic cycles of the 5th and 6th century in Ravenna, Italy. The imagery and style of these mosaic cycles will be considered in their historical contexts. Mosaics examined include those in the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, San Vitale, Sant’ Appollinaire Nuovo, and Sant’ Appollinaire in Classe.

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