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Minx Boren

Minx Boren

Minx Boren

Personal, Business & Life Coach

Optimizing Abilities, Positive Energy

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The 2023 recipient of the Women’s Foundation of Florida Judith Selzer Icon Award for her generous years of service to WFFL and her ongoing work in the community empowering women and girls, Minx Boren, a Master Certified Coach (MCC), develops and presents innovative programs that support health and balance, reflection and achievement. Minx is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation, and is also trained in Positive Psychology, the Art of Convening, Purposeful Leadership, Positive Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence, Brain By Design, and more. She focuses on supporting her audience and clients to discern what truly motivates and inspires them, what arouses their curiosity and sparks their creativity, and, above all, what brings them joy, satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment.

Minx is author of more than 25 books and workbooks and writes for several online publications. As a community activist, she has served extensively on several boards in Palm Beach County, is the 2013-14 president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches, and is a recipient of the Giraffe Award presented by the Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Minx is also involved with sustainable living initiatives including, because of her background in nutrition and wellness, offering programs on healthwise living and navigating current food (mis)information and choices. Her current focus is on exploring with olders what it means to grow into our later years with gratitude, gusto, grit, and grace. As an adjunct professor at FAU Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, she offers courses on such topics as  Navigating the WiseWo/Man Years as well as various programs centered on Flourishing at Every Age and Living Joyely©.

Lectures include:

FLOURISHING: The Path to a Fulfilling Life

Drawing on cutting edge research from the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, and the bio-dynamics of the brain, master certified coach Minx Boren will present information and immediately useful tools and practices that can impact the way you approach your work, your life, your relationships, your choices. This broad overview will touch upon the five aspects of a fulfilling life. Join her for a provocative and interactive presentation to explore what happiness is (and is not) and how to broaden and build your personal HQ – happiness quotient.

Handouts will be provided and participants will benefit from also bringing their own journal for notes and reflections.


There are “AHA! Moments” that shape and shift our lives. This course is an opportunity to look back on what brought us to this time and place while looking to the future with hope and determination. We will focus on what it takes to grow boldly, to remain involved with and connected to our own true selves, others, and the larger communities in which we all participate. The theme of this series revolves around the quest to see each new day as a gift and an opportunity to live in meaningful, purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling ways. Using a coach approach, we will explore inspirational ideas about how to thrive through this time of life. Now, more than ever, the world needs our experience, perspective, and wisdom. Handouts and visuals will be used.

THE WISEWO/MAN YEARS: Finding Joy and Fulfillment as We Grow Older

As we approach, enter, and exist in our wisewo/man years, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to be open to change rather than resist it. By choosing to be carried by life’s flow, we invite unexpected pleasures and new discoveries into our lives. When we are welcoming and responsive to whatever is happening in the moment, we allow ourselves to fully appreciate where we are now as well as everything that lies ahead.

Coach Minx encourages participants of a certain age and stage of life to reap the richness of what they have planted and tended these many years. Based on a book of the same name recently published by Blue Mountain Arts, her musings about growing pains and perks are meant to inspire you embrace both your successes and failures and recognize and celebrate the magic in the unknown. And her optimistic yet grounded perspective will remind you that, no matter where you are on your “growing older” journey, joy and fulfillment can be found in all that life still has in store for you. Handouts and visuals will be used.

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY: Celebrating Life’s Best Day Ever Moments

Life happens… and not always according to our best theories, ideas, and strategies. In fact, it mostly does not quite happen according to plan—or at least not according to our carefully laid out ones. What we learn to recognize as we journey through life is that the most powerful happiness strategy in our human toolbox is our capacity to apply thoughtful consideration, perspective, and compassion to whatever is actually going on when life is not going according to our idea of how it should be. By doing so, we can reframe whatever is taking place in the most positive and inspiring ways possible. Based on positive psychology, emotional intelligence, brain science, positive intelligence, and other well-researched perspectives and practices, this interactive conversation is an opportunity to consider alternative ways of responding to LIFE as it is happening, inviting each day to delight and inspire us. Coach Minx is the author of a recently released book by the same name, published by Blue Mountain Arts. Handouts and visuals will be used.


Based on brain science and extensive studies recently compiled in a certification program on Brain By DesignTM, this is a relatively new and comprehensive approach in accessing and developing effective strategies for building a life you love that supports wellbeing, productivity, and creativity. The modern pace and demands of life require that we become more effective, efficient, resilient, and flexible—all with greater alacrity. There is a variety of tips, tools, and techniques, and , ultimately, habits that can support us in growing the necessary skill sets for meeting the challenge.

TAKE FIVE! FOR JOY – The Chair of Joy Experience and why it is effective

Coach Minx is a Global Ambassador for the JOYELY.com Movement and the Chair of Joy™ Experience. The focus of this program is to spend time joyely accessing and deeply experiencing moments of love, gratitude, and lightheartedness. This is not a frivolous pursuit. Rather it is at the core of shifting, again and again, to more positive and uplifting states of being and doing. The power of joy can initiate and amplify significant effective change in all areas of one’s life, individually and in community. The work reflects the findings of research in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and brain science, including processes to evoke heart-brain coherence. The Chair of Joy™ Experience employs a four-step cognitive approach, harnessing stillness to reveal moments of deep joy and insight.

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