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Leslie Burman

Leslie Burman

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Expertise: Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Available for in-person lectures in: South Florida

Available via Zoom? Yes

To book Leslie, e-mail dan@hudakonhollywood.com

Leslie, we have always known you to be most proficient in your field, so knowledgable with nutrition and all related aspects. But Sunday, there was a new and unexpected NEW LESLIE, the unveiling of a great presenter and so skillfully having the audience in the palms of your hands. I want you to enjoy all the success you have created for yourself! -Dennis Silber

Lectures include:

Nutrition Made Easy Workshop-3hr (or 3 separate lectures)
This is a comprehensive nutrition education plan that provides participants personalized nutrition. This lecture series includes establishing one’s personal goals, assessing individualized needs based on past medical history and current medical/nutrition related concerns, addressing the underlying reasons why one is not accomplishing their goals, setting a plan of action, and learning how to make it easy. This workshop also addresses nutrition misconceptions and how to incorporate a healthier relationship with food that will enable a non-dieting approach to attain and sustain desired wellness goals.  

What Should I Eat For My Brain?
Enhancing brain cognition through the fork. This one-hour comprehensive lecture discusses what foods to increase and what to avoid to reduce cognitive decline. The lecture will include a food demonstration, sample recipes and easy ways to incorporate the MIND diet with scientifically backed ways to eat for reduction of cognitive decline.

Cooking Classes Made Easy
This one-hour lecture teaches what foods to buy to cook great, flavorful, and healthy meals in minutes. Includes easy “non-recipes”, interactive audience participation, and sample food tasting, all while creating a day’s worth of eating in less than 50 minutes.

Eat This Not That
Studies show that 78% of the population feels nutrition is confusing. What you think is healthy, and right for you, may not be at all. This one-hour lecture will help steer you in the right direction, with hands on show and tell with food labels and sneaky ways food companies try to bamboozle you.

Nutrition In The Golden Years
What foods matter? This one-hour lecture discusses how getting older changes our nutrition portfolio. We discuss what nutrients we need more of and what to avoid, and assess how nutrition changes as our bodies age. What to keep, have more of, or avoid as we evolve is essential, and you need to know how nutrition makes a difference in long-term quality of life.

Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
This one-hour lecture discusses when food is not food. You will learn how to end emotional eating, negative self-talk and how to restart your brain on a better path. This lecture will enable for a more positive and ‘fruitful’ relationship with food.  

A Trip To The Grocery Store
This one-hour comprehensive grocery store tour to teaches the ins and outs of easy, healthy foods right at your fingertips. On average we purchase 20 of the same foods. Learn about wonderful easy foods to keep on hand for days you don’t want to go to the dining room or make a fuss. You will be amazed at the new, easy foods you can have ready when you need it.      

I recently attended Leslie’s ‘nutrition made easy’ workshop with my dad because we were both interested in how we could eat better. We were a bit hesitant thinking 3 hours was too long but Leslie had us engaged the whole time!! We received so much great information and found her presentation to be extremely informative and fun. I highly recommend it to anyone!! -Nick Quesada

Thank you for your wonderful education. I know I am on the right track.
Even with a bridal shower and dinner at my neighbors home last night, my BS Number was 106 this morning. I got this !!! THANK YOU LESLIE -Suzanne Wooley