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Want to know the real story behind Marilyn Monroe’s dress flying in the air? Or why Katharine Hepburn didn’t like Meryl Streep? Contact Dan at dan@hudakonhollywood.com for details on how to bring our lectures to you!

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Customer Appreciation Program

Are you searching for something different and fun to give your customers?

Show your customers, in a very unique way, just how much you appreciate their business!

Hudak on Hollywood provides you with a one-hour presentation focused on well-known classic films. Done live either in person or via Zoom, you select from any of our 15 special THEME topics and schedule your date with us. Invite your customers to join in from wherever they may be (on Zoom they can be anywhere) and listen as one of our expert team members brings classic Hollywood to life. It’s a memorable hour full of facts, trivia, music, movies and fun!

Ideal for the holiday season but great any time of the year when you want to make customers feel special.

How Does It Work?

1) E-mail Dan at dan@hudakonhollywood.com to schedule a call to discuss dates, times and topics.

2) A few weeks prior to your event, we’ll send you a Zoom link along with a customized flier we create for you to send out to your customers. You can edit the flier and make it part of your own invitation as well.

3) On Zoom, confidentiality can be maintained among your customers by blocking audio and video if desired. We can also leave video on, making everyone visible to one other if they choose.  All participants will be able to participate in the Q&A portion following the presentation.

4) Executives are encouraged to welcome attendees at the beginning of the presentation.

5) Please note: The Zoom can only be viewed during the live presentation due to film licensing limitations. We are unable to make recordings available.


Kudos and many thanks for giving Palm Isles a special enjoyable TV presentation of “Great Movie Monologues!! A treat and fabulous show indeed!!

A most interesting and exciting production of known unique movie monologues– An enjoyable hour not to be forgotten! I especially appreciated Gregory Peck in his Jury summation dialogue – and who can forget Chaplin’s first speaking movie “the great dictator”? Charlie’s words resonate equally well these days!!

I look forward to more exciting movies and shows from Dan Hudak – a truly gifted, special and wonderful director. Thank you all again for this fabulous entertainment!

-Daniel Cohen, Palm Isles

Please accept this letter as my strong recommendation for Film Critic and Lecturer Dan Hudak’s program. As an Entertainment Director for a sometimes demanding and always discerning group, I am constantly looking for creative and entertaining ways to add to my program. As we have a “movie crowd”, Dan was the perfect choice to fit the bill! His lectures are entertaining and interesting, touching on a topic that appeals to all age groups…the movies! He is personable and knowledgeable and an evening spent with Dan is one where you walk away wanting to know more about the subject of the night. My residents are always happy when Dan visits and the theatre is usually full of film lovers excited to hear his topic for the evening. If you are looking for a fresh and engaging evening for your group, look no further. Call Dan Hudak!
-Pamela Parker, 
Social Director at The Palace Coral Gables

Dan’s presentation on the Oscar nominees was very well received by our community. He was interesting, so knowledgeable, professional, and downright charming and warm. He maintained the audience’s rapt attention throughout his performance while smoothly synchronizing his video examples with his talk. We look forward to having Dan return to Valencia Lakes in the future.

-Rhoda Brenner, Chair of the Speaker Committee at Valencia Lakes